Isagenix day one

So far today not too bad. I will say I did cut out coffee a few months back so I am avoiding that withdrawal.

I woke up hungry, which never happens to me (gee thanks body).  I dumped one scoop of ionix supreme into a 500ml water bottle that was 3/4 full. Drank that down. Showered, weighed again (sadly the 193 was accurate) and got ready for the day. I made my vanilla shake, two scoops powder with one cup water and one cup ice. Boring would be my word for it but it wasn’t gross so yay. I drank that for about an hour and when I finished filled my cup with more water just to get everything out.

I had a fiber snack, much like sawdust and 2 accelerator pills with more water. Lunch was two scoops of shake dumped into water and haphazardly shaken. Blender is the way to go.

About 30 minutes after my shake I felt really tired, I did have a poor sleep last night and depression makes me want to sleep a lot so I mixed up an energix into a water bottle. Holy yum batman!!!! I have orange and its delish. Will be getting more of those. Sleepiness evaded me for a bit but I wouldn’t say I was bustling with energy.

I cheated and had three vanilla wafers and another accelerator for a snack. I probably shouldn’t like the wafers as much as I do lol.

So now it’s 4 pm and I’ll eat my supper around 6. Planning on a giant bunch of greens, one avocado, a hard boiled egg and maybe some vegan cheese (I think dairy is looked down on in the isagenix world) and that will be it ’til the a.m. 

I have had a slight headache today, but that could be my chronic headaches as I don’t think I’m withdrawing from anything at present. I am excited by this, the shakes, when blended with ice, are satisfying to me. I’m going to adjust my plan and go for the double cleanse days every week, an accelerated plan.

No exercise today. I may do 50 jumping jack later. But again, I am lazy, so maybe not. I’m waiting a week and then I’m going to start my hot yoga again. I haven’t been since my car accident two years ago. I think a week should be good to adjust to the plan and feel good.


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